Our Services

We provide clients with landscape design, project management services and advice according to the level of input required, either as primary consultants or as specialists in a multi-disciplinary design team. We currently operate, and have experience in, the following work sectors:

Master Planning

Strategic landscape master planning
for development

Interior Design

The design and coordination of the decorative element of the interior of a house, apartement, office, or other structural space, include color schemes, fittings, furnishings, and sometimes architectural features.

Exterior Design

Residential and housing, garden design and project management

Professional Design

Civic and public realm, landscape and urban design


Education and recreational landscape design and planning

Open Space

Landscape, urban park and heritage open space design and planning




Business Conceptor




Fast Support


Why Designing is important?

Everybody can come up with nice designs, but NOT everybody can design according to your budget, vision, target market, and cost efficiency.

Clear and efficient communication between architect and contractor is critical. Failing to do so will place you behind the project’s time-schedule.

Worst, it can reduce the quality of the project where in the long run will make your project more costly than u had planned.

Designing is our passion, making it into a reality according to your wants and needs is our target.


Why choosing the right contractor for your project is important?

It is easy to build your project based on your budget, but are you sure that those contractors will maximize their qualities of work?

Most contractors are getting their additional income from marking up the raw materials prices, workers, operational costs and many more. They also like to cheat on the raw materials specifications which resulting in decreasing your project qualities. An honest contractor is willing to give you at least 6 months guarantee.

With RENNE , you can have a peace of mind. We ensure that your project is in good hand. We prioritize our reputation above everything else.

Business Conceptor

Concepting your business is equally important. A good architect must know how to grab your “wants” and turn it into your “needs”. Having a great skill of designing is not enough. Besides the “Know-How”, an architect must understand the sole purpose of your project and truly understand your target markets. Knowledge about the varieties of raw materials is critical in designing your project. A successful business depends on a very detailed carefully planned business concept.


We offer consultant service, if needed by our client.
We have wide connections with all kinds of consultants depending on your line of business.
For example, if you are opening a restaurant, we can provide you with a professional consultant to take care of everything from A to Z.
Starting by creating your logo, designing your kitchen’s lay out, government permits, recruiting, training, contacting suppliers, building management system, marketing, creating menus and all that is necessary n included to open a restaurant business. So basically our consultant will show you how it is done so you can understand everything in this business and hand it back to you ready to make money.